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Grant Program Overview


ESRP distributes state capital funds and available partnership funds through a competitive project selection and evaluation process which results in an "Investment Plan" or ranked project list. New project proposals are solicited through a Request for Proposals and evaluated by a multi-disciplinary technical review team composed of members from multiple agencies and organizations throughout Puget Sound. This team, ranks projects using criteria made available to project applicants as they develop proposals. This transparent, yet competitive project evaluation process results in a fair process that identifies the most sound and promising restoration and protection opportunities that are ready to advance.

Odd-year Investment Plans - open to new and "portfolio" projects
The majority of ESRP funding is distributed in odd years at the start of each new biennium. New and "portfolio" projects are typically sought in late summer or early fall of even years, and presented to the state Legislature along with a budget request during the legislative session.

Even-year Investment Plans  -  pending funding availability open only to "portfolio" projects
In even years, proposals are solicited from portfolio project sponsors as funding allows.

Grant Process


ESRP provides funding for nearshore restoration and land protection and supports all phases in the project continuum land acquisition through feasibility and design on to construction and monitoring and adaptive management. Project outreach and environmental education are strongly encouraged and funded as elements of larger projects, but are not supported as stand-alone projects.

acquisition feasibility construction monitoring
Acquisition Feasibility & Design Construction Monitoring/AM


Eligible applicants include government agencies, tribes, NGOs, private institutions and universities. Private landowners are not eligible directly as applicants but are able to partner with eligible applicants to advance projects on privately owned lands.


The majority of our funding comes from the Washington State Legislature through capital appropriations (State Building Construction Fund).  Additional project funding is made available to projects through valuable program partnerships. Federal funding to ESRP projects has been received from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Community Based Restoration Program, the EPA's National Estuary Program and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In some cases, specific restrictions, eligibility requirements or contract terms and conditions may vary by partnership funding source and will be noted in relevant RFPs and application materials.


ESRP does not have a cap on the amount of funds that can be requested. Previous awards have ranged from $50,000 to $2.6 million.

Program Contacts

For general program inquiries, please contact:

Jay Krienitz, ESRP Manager
Washington Department
of Wildlife
(360) 902-2572

For more information and a list of previously funded projects, please see:
ESRP’s 2015 Annual Report

Rewarding good projects, creating efficiencies

What is the
Portfolio Process?

ESRP's portfolio process is a unique approach to advance high-quality projects with a good track-records as quickly as possible to completion. This is done through a streamlined application process and more frequent opportunities to apply for funding.


What is a
Portfolio Project?

A project that has completed feasibility, has previously competed well for ESRP funding based on the results of that feasibility, and has shown good progress on previous ESRP awards.

Benefits of the portfolio process are that projects may request funding on an annual basis  to move to the next project phase, are eligible to apply for funds annually and are evaluated through a streamlined technical review.

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Mailing Address:
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Jay Krienitz, ESRP Manager
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