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Shore Friendly is a brand developed to encourage forgoing or removing shoreline armor and is grounded in social marketing research conducted in the Puget Sound. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has supported the underlying research, brand development, and pilot programs through National Estuary Program funding.

The goals of the Shore Friendly program are shoreline armor reduction and habitat restoration. Private landowners and communities are engaged and incentives are used to inspire behavior change. The project sites seek the greatest ecological gain, but also support community engagement.

Shoreline before Shore Friendly program Shoreline after funding through the Shore Friendly program

Shoreline before Shore Friendly program involvement (left) and shoreline after funding through Shore Friendly (right).

Why is the Shore Friendly program on the ESRP Investment Plan? Incentive programs for marine shoreline landowners in Puget Sound have been implemented over the past five years by numerous organizations and governments throughout the Sound. These programs have successfully engaged landowners to consider armor removal and restoration on their property through incentives. However, many of these programs operate on short-term federal grant funding that is expiring. The Puget Sound Partnership's Ecosystem Coordination Board requested that WDFW ask the Legislature for ongoing state funds to support the continuation of these types of programs in the 2019-2021 biennium. ESRP also has a Small Grants program in which shoreline projects of local importance that provide significant contributions to regional goals are eligible to compete for funding. Several projects identified through Shore Friendly programs are included on the 2019-2021 Preliminary Investment Plan.

What is ESRP's vision for this program if funds are awarded? ESRP will fund and support local or sub-regional incentive programs. ESRP envisions that funds obtained for the Shore Friendly program would be made available through a competitive RFP process aligned with Shore Friendly guidance. The ESRP RFP process for Shore Friendly awards will be completed prior to the passage of the capital budget (June 2019).

When would we know if funds are available through ESRP? Funding for Shore Friendly depends on the ESRP appropriation approved by Legislature. One year of Shore Friendly funding ($910K) would be available if ESRP is funded at the $10M level. A second year ($1.31M) would be available at the $20M level. After the passage of the capital budget, ESRP anticipates that funds would be distributed in fall of 2019 assuming the necessary funding level was appropriated.

How can capital project funds be used? ESRP is primarily funded by state capital dollars. Local and sub-regional Shore Friendly programs conduct many activities that are eligible for funding through the capital budget. Example eligible activities include technical site visits; permit support; engineering designs; construction cost shares; and capital program administration. Workshops and general education opportunities would require additional funding sources beyond state capital appropriations. ESRP is seeking out funding partnerships that can fully fund all Shore Friendly program activities as is feasible.

Questions? Want to stay updated? Email Jay Krienitz (, ESRP Program Manager.

The 2019 Shore Friendly grant competition is now closed
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