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Story Maps

Resources for partners and the public

The Estuary & Salmon Restoration Program has created a series for story maps that showcase the importance of restoring the nearshore natural environment using innovative and multi-benefit solutions.

Farm, Fish, and Flood - Working toward a Vision for the Snohomish Delta

The goal of the Snohomish story map is to encourage a growing spirit of collaboration and work toward a common vision for the Snohomish delta. The story map is intended to showcase multiple benefits of focusing on farms, fish, and flood protection in an integrated way across the landscape.

The development of the story map was supported by Estuary & Salmon Restoration Program and consultation with Snohomish County, Sustainable Land Strategies, NOAA Fisheries, Tulalip Tribes and others. (Click the image to view)

Approach to Restoration and Protection

Investing in Puget Sound's Natural Systems

This story map illustrates the benefits to investing in Puget Sound estuaries, such as local jobs, community protection, and local economies. The story map also highlights the integral role estuaries play in our nearshore ecosystem.  (Click the image to view)

Approach to Restoration and Protection

Working Together to Restore Puget Sound Ecosystems

This photo slider map highlights nearshore restoration and protection projects funded by Estuary & Salmon Restoration Program throughout Puget Sound. The interactive tour showcases the people behind ecosystem restoration projects. Estuary & Salmon Restoration Program projects and restoration partners are key to restoring key ecosystems such as estuaries, bays and shorelines, this work is the foundation for a resilient Puget Sound. (Click the image to view)

Approach to Restoration and Protection


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